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Selofan - Animal Mentality

In the ever-evolving landscape of the underground music scene, few bands have made an impact quite like Selofan, an immenstly talented duo of of Joanna Pavlidou and Dimitris Pavlidis. has carved a niche for themselves within the international pantheon of darkwave, post-punk, and ’80s synthpop, blending these influences to create a sound uniquely their own. Their journey, marked by a commitment to artistic integrity and evolution, has taken them from the cozy confines of local venues to the grand stages of international festivals, earning them a dedicated following and critical acclaim along the way.

.Their sixth album, Partners in Hell, released in October 2020, navigated the band through unprecedented times, testing their adaptability and resilience. Despite the hurdles to performing live and the global pandemic’s challenges, Selofan emerged stronger, embarking on international tours with a newfound appreciation and connection with their global audience,

During this period of introspection and isolation, Joanna Pavlidou embarked on a new venture, GIOVANNA, released under Selofan’s house label, Fabrika Records. GIOVANNA, which places Pavlidou at the helm of vocal and lyrical composition, represents a full on foray into synth-pop. showcasing a different facet of her artistic identity, with lyrics entirely in Greek.

In 2023, Selofan hit the circuit hard, lighting up revered festivals with their presence. They stood shoulder to shoulder with heavy hitters like Molchat Doma and Lebanon Hanover at Grey Scale, and performed with with the likes of The Sisters of Mercy, VNV Nation, and She Past Away at the Death Disco fest in their hometown of Athens.

With each album they have released Selofan made significant strides in their evolution, deepening their engagement with their art. And their forthcoming seventh full length studio release, Animal Mentality, is poised to be their most compelling work yet.

Animal Mentality unfolds as a labyrinthine journey through the elemental aspects of human emotion and experience, set against the backdrop of Selofan’s signature darkwave sound. Each track on the album delves into different facets of the human condition, from the depths of desire to the pangs of isolation, encapsulating the duo’s profound understanding of the intricate spectrum of human emotion and subjective experiences.

The album kicks off with “Sticky Fingers,” a track that melds cinematic scope with a haunting storyline, reminiscent of Jean-Michel Jarre’s icy synths and a lyrical nod to Joy Division. This opening salvo revisits the tragic allure of classic car accident songs, weaving a tale of joy turned to sorrow amidst the snowy Alps.

“Love’s Secret Game” delves into the depths of forbidden desire, with vocals that echo the melancholy timbre of Xmal Deutschland, Lebanon Hanover, and Nico. It’s a tale of passion and ephemeral connection, promising an enduring presence despite the inevitable fracture of time and distance.

In “Lucille,” sung by Dimitris Pavlidis, the plot is ensnared in the machinations of a tempestuous affair, with gothic undertones evoking the dramatic soundscapes of Ultravox and Clan of Xymox. The lyrics are steeped in danger and desire – a dance with the shadows.

“Sacrifice Me” plunges into the abyss of despair, driven by a Bauhaus-esque bassline. It’s a plea for release from the chains of alienation, a yearning for a final gesture of solace in the face of overwhelming darkness.

“Bluebirds” offers a poignant reflection on solitude, with the fleeting imagery of bluebirds symbolizing the elusive quest for happiness.The song serves as a meditation on the internal struggle to maintain hope in a world shaded by sorrow.

The narrative shifts with “Glassplitter,” where German lyrics paint a portrait of deceptive allure and toxic entanglement. We are confronted with irresistible danger, masked by a veneer of beauty.

“Ignoranz” continues the exploration in German, pondering the universality of misunderstanding. It’s a reflection on the subjective nature of truth and the shared human experience of ignorance.

“Behind My Eyelids” closes the odyssey, a contemplation on melancholy and metamorphosis. The phoenix rises rom the ashes of betrayal to the brighter realm of renewal – a beautiful homage to the resilience of the human spirit amidst the often harrowing cycles of life.

More than just an album, Animal Mentality is a milestone in Selofan’s career, marking a decade of musical innovation and growth. It’s a testament to their enduring spirit and a bold step into new realms of artistic expression. As Selofan continues to evolve, they remain at the forefront of their genre, pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of the human psyche through their haunting melodies and poignant lyrics.

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